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Student Accommodation Association (SAA) introduces National Property Accreditation Scheme (NPAS) to benefit all participants in Australian education 

New NPAS initiative aims to identify individual properties operated to industry-led minimum standards for the exclusive use of students

The Student Accommodation Association (SAA) is proud to introduce the National Property Accreditation Scheme (NPAS) – an industry-led program owned, governed and administered by the SAA membership. NPAS has been developed to assist national education stakeholders identify, promote and support quality managed student accommodation businesses which operate for the exclusive use of students.

The initiative is designed to provide greater clarity to Australian education stakeholders, as well as prospective students, agents and the community. NPAS aims to identify individual properties that are being operated to a set of industry-led minimum standards for the exclusive use of students with a focus on student safety and wellbeing. 

The National Property Accreditation Scheme benefits all participants in Australian education – students, education stakeholders and government agencies, and student accommodation providers. 

Applicant properties will be assessed under five accreditation categories:


NPAS Accreditation is restricted to companies and institutions who are Executive Members of the Student Accommodation Association.

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