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  • 09 November 2021 12:46 PM | Anonymous

    We're delighted to announce that the Student Accommodation Association (SAA) will be presenting at the 2021 ISANA International Conference, which will be held online on 1-3 December. 

    The 2021 ISANA Conference will provide an opportunity for all delegates to stay up to date, hear from industry leaders and make new connections with many opportunities for to share ideas, engage, collaborate and network.

    Geoff Denison, SAA President, will be presenting on the first day of the conference. Geoff will be speaking about the recently launched National Property Accreditation Scheme as a tool designed to further enhance the Australian international education offering.

    See the full Conference Program and register online at

  • 04 November 2021 12:32 PM | Anonymous

    On Wednesday, 3 November the Student Accommodation Association, in collaboration with our members, Y Suites China Insights, Scape and Student One, presented the Insight into the China Market From a Student Accommodation Perspective webinar

    Attended by more than 50 participants, the webinar provided an exclusive opportunity to hear from the industry experts about how the Chinese international student market was impacted by COVID-19 and discuss whether it'll present similar opportunities for Australian student accommodation providers in the future.

    Hosted by David Riordan, Secretary, Student Accommodation Association, webinar participants had an opportunity to hear from the keynote speaker Karen Welsh, Minster-Counsellor (Education and Research), Australian Embassy Beijing, and the panel of experts, including Eric Wang, Regional Manager, Business Development, Y SuitesWilliam Ye, Manager | Partnerships & Business Development | China, Scape Group (Scape, Urbanest, Atira) and Sandy KamSales Representative, Student One.

    The webinar recording is now available, please, contact the SAA team at to request the access.

    Following the success of the webinar, we would like to bring to your attention the availability of the Y Suites China Insights newsletter.

    If you would like to keep up to date with development in the China market as we move closer to the return of international students to Australia, please subscribe to the fortnightly newsletter here.

    The newsletter is delivered by Y Suites, an Executive Member of the Student Accommodation Association. Through their well-established team based in China, the Y Suites team started collating the most current information on China, which spins off to the launch of the China Insights Newsletter.

    With China being one of the key markets for International Students in Australia, any policy changes, announcements, or economic changes within China could inevitably affect the overseas education and student accommodation businesses in Australia.

    By launching the China Insights Newsletter, Y Suites hopes to add value to the student accommodation industry by bringing you current insights and exclusive updates on the latest happenings and trends in China.

  • 13 October 2021 9:09 AM | Anonymous

    SAA is proud to announce that St Ann’s College (South Australia) is now NPAS accredited, confirming that the property meets the full set of industry led minimum standards and operates accommodation for the exclusive use of students. 

    “University students spend a great deal of time in their accommodation, especially if they’re living in a Residential College. Consequently, it’s vitally important providers are guided by standards which can be trusted.” said Denise von Wald, St Ann's College Principal.

    "St Ann’s is proud to demonstrate to our students and their families that the College follows the guidelines set out by the national industry body. In particular, we are committed to ensure we meet acknowledged standard for our amenities, as well as the safety and wellbeing of our students. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to the highest possible standards for our students."   

    For a student accommodation property to be NPAS accredited, it must comply with the minimum SAA standards in terms of amenity, facility, security, customer service and management processes. 

    Read more about NPAS

  • 06 October 2021 9:14 AM | Anonymous

    A submission to present the National Property Accreditation Scheme (NPAS) on behalf of SAA members was accepted by the organisers of this year's AIEC conference which was held during the first week of October.

    While originally being accepted as a face-to-face presentation the conference format was forced to move to a virtual platform and the NPAS presentation converted into a short video which was made available to conference delegates as an INSPIRE video presentation.

    The AIEC conference is renowned for bringing local and offshore stakeholders in the Australian International Education sector together on an annual basis. Introducing NPAS to the conference audience will significantly increase the profile of the associations work amongst key stakeholders and Australian education providers and continue to drive the sectors interest in the program. 

  • 29 September 2021 2:37 PM | Anonymous

    As states and territories move to opening their borders to international students the quality of their education experience has never been so important as it will be in a post-COVID world.

    The Student Accommodation Association (SAA) National Property Accreditation Scheme supports post-COVID recovery for Student Accommodation.

    The NPAS stamp of quality helps identify student accommodation (i.e. accommodation for the exclusive use of students) that meet a set of minimum industry standards which have been developed in consultation with Student Accommodation Providers nationally. 

    SAA is currently rolling out the NPAS program, with two properties already accredited and an impressive pipeline of applications for accreditation currently under assessment.

    Not only will NPAS serve to distinguish student accommodation over other accommodation options in Australia, but the robust set of minimum standards will also provide Australian education stakeholders with the protection and confidence required to actively promote and endorse the NPAS accommodation message as part of a post-COVID recovery strategy.

    International students will no longer be left to their own devices in sourcing accommodation which in the past has led to mixed results with some students finding themselves the victim of exploitation or in some instances feeling unsafe, which ultimately detracts from their education experience.

    In a post-COVID world NPAS accredited student accommodation will play an important role in providing “home quarantine” style solutions as well as keeping students safe, secure, and most importantly healthy.

    We would welcome the opportunity to invite Australian Education Providers to partner with SAA to support and promote NPAS to potential international students.  Please visit for more details or feel free to contact SAA President Geoff Denison at  

  • 01 September 2021 9:17 AM | Anonymous

    The Student Accommodation Association (SAA) is delighted to welcome David Riordan, the Principal consultant for Thalassa Consulting as a co-opted member of the 2021/2022 SAA National Committee.

    David brings a wealth of experience from his 30-year career in the VET sector, mostly as a Senior Executive. He has had several high profile roles, CEO of the NSW Department of Education International, Director of Sydney TAFE one of the largest TAFE institutes in the country, CEO Of the Office of Communities and Director of City Services at the City of Sydney. David has recently been working across the International Education Industry assisting organisations focus on their Post-COVID Business Models. He coordinated the June 2021 Australia China Business Council Education Symposium and has been facilitating national International Education Industry Roundtables (IEIR) focusing on the return of international students.

  • 09 August 2021 4:13 PM | Anonymous

    SAA is proud to announce that Varsity Apartments (Queensland) is the first property in Australia to achieve NPAS accreditation, confirming that the property meets the full set of industry led minimum standards and operates accommodation for the exclusive use of students.

    “We are extremely proud to be a NPAS accredited property and look forward to the continuing success of this scheme” said Karen Netherwood, Director, Varsity Apartments.

    “The application process for the NPAS was easy to follow and the administration support from the SAA was excellent. Collating the submission criteria highlighted the areas of strength in our business framework and also, areas that could be improved - a highly useful exercise indeed."

    "We run Varsity Apartments, the largest student accommodation complex on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. We are heading into our 10th year in this complex and are constantly looking for ways to improve our service and business brand. As a member of the Student Accommodation Association (SAA), our application for the National Property Accreditation Scheme (NPAS) was a key step towards strengthening our reputation within the student accommodation industry. Being part of this industry standard that provides clarity for national education stakeholders, students and agents made perfect sense. We feel that the NPAS provides a cohesive platform for the growth and reputation of the student accommodation industry as a whole and also on an individual level.” Karen concluded.

  • 21 July 2021 4:17 PM | Anonymous

    The AIEC 2021 will be run on the Gold Coast or online from 5 to 8 October 2021 to explore new horizons for international education. The event will be run virtually and will be an opportunity to learn, share, network and be part of the conversation.

    The Student Accommodation Association will be introducing the National Property Accreditation Scheme to the conference participants. 


  • 16 June 2021 4:17 PM | Anonymous

    The Student Accommodation Association has lodged a submission on behalf of members for the Australian Strategy for International Education Consultation Paper.

    The submission included key priorities and measures to improve the international student experience, changes to make Australia more globally competitive and working together with different stakeholders to create a unique Australian education experience.

    • Key priorities: 
    Reset the accommodation message by promoting NPAS accredited properties as a clear and consistent message to future international student intakes.
    • Improve international student experience: 
    Education providers could look to increase their level of commitment to delivering the overall international education experience for students, including non–core business elements such as student accommodation.
    Align themselves with quality student accommodation providers with the protection of NPAS.
    • Changes to make Australia more globally competitive: 
    Consideration be given by education providers to packaging student accommodation as part of the education offering, enabling students to immerse themselves in a diverse multi-cultural student residential community and by doing so develop the personal skills and cultural comfort required to prosper later in life.
    Expanding the obligations of an education provider through changes to the ESOS Act requiring them to provide secure access to quality student accommodation controlled or provided in partnership with an NPAS accredited provider. Required capacity could be based on a percentage of the number of enrolled international students with the education provider.
    • Education providers, governments and other stakeholders working together:
    • An international education offering that incorporates both living and learning experience
    • A set of pre-enrolment (pre-departure) material consistently distributed by Australian education stakeholders to international students offshore to set quality experience expectations and prepare students to have their expectations met.
    • Skills for the future: 
    • Life Skills – student accommodation environments provide students with a supported platform from which they can transition from the close care of their family on to a pathway of personal growth.
    • Improve employability outcomes:
    • Cultural comfort – student accommodation environments provide Australian and international students with exposure to a variety of languages, culture and food, an experience and opportunity that may not be derived from their learning experience alone.
    • Cultural comfort is an important attribute for graduates to acquire to compete in a globally competitive labour market.
    • Creating a unique Australian education experience: 
    Design and promote the Australian education experience around both the learning and living experience.
    • Improving community support for international education:

    A commitment by Australian international education stakeholders to provide a clear pathway by which international students can set themselves up to get the most out of their international education experience to reduce the risk of exploitation, or isolating themselves (impacting on their language ability and personal skills set development) will improve their capacity and confidence in engaging with members of the wider community.

    • Other suggestions:
    • Australian education stakeholder endorsement for NPAS as part of the post pandemic recovery strategy
    • Broaden the focus to improve the Australian living experience for international students
    • Consider how student accommodation can add value to the Australian education offering.


  • 16 June 2021 3:56 PM | Anonymous

    We're delighted to welcome Western Union Business Solutions as an SAA Corporate Sponsor in 2021/22.
    Western Union Business Solutions is excited to partner with the Student Accommodation Association (SAA) and support its members through our expertise in managing international payments.
    Western Union Business Solution’s WU® GlobalPay for Students platform enables student accommodation providers to improve their international student experience by offering fast, easy and affordable ways for international residents to pay their application fees, security deposits and rent while also delivering efficiency and reconciliation gains for your business. Your international residents will experience a modern e-commerce feel, with competitive exchange rates, flexible payment options and real time updates.
    For more information or to arrange a demonstration contact 

    Mark Woolf, Sales Manager Education Australia at or on 0448 442 323.


PO Box 3561
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Adelaide SA 5000


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